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8 Responses to "Airtel new logo: A Case Study"

great case study and the conclusion seems a bit too quick. I guess when i saw the logo i felt it looked more like the new videocon logo.
what it is supposed to represent i am still clueless about

The conclusion was just a note to tie the loose end up and give a conclusion to this whole exercise. Base on what I read in other sites, it is suppose to be a lowercase “a” which stands for being dynamic and fun as well.

so the question is, is change always necessary? would a consumer base their choice on the product feature itself or the branding?

Change sometimes does becomes necessary when the vision of the company and the market in which the company deals in changes. Very few companies (Eg. Nike and BMW) has logo and brand image that has withstood the test of time.

Interesting analysis.

Maybe it was intentional that they look similar! Depending on who has more dominance (I am guessing Airtel), people will quickly forget that Airtel copied Vodafone and think the other way instead.

I think in the long run it does not matter who copied who, having two logo that sends out the same visual signal does no good to either of the company.

As the call rates drops significantly, the future of GSM industry in India would be collaboration between two or more ISP under one banner inorder to control infrasturcture cost and survive.

So this change of logo could probably be a part of their future collaborative vision.

Oh yeah – I do agree with Pete, the new Airtel logo looks like a existing Videocon logo – stripped and turned upside down. lol

Vodafone and Airtel coming together? I am not too sure about that. As for its resemblance to Videocon logo inverted, good observation from Petes, I never thought of it like that.

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