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A curse, a recommendation, and a heartfelt appreciation.

Posted on: June 17, 2011

Curse to Sector V authority for not doing anything about the drainage system… This place is a hell hole during rainy season!!!

Recommendation, Honda Activa..  4 years and it still manages to pull me through knee deep water!

And a heartfelt appreciation to the two strangers who stopped on their way to push my scooter out when I got stuck bang in the middle of the road… its because of them and the countless other Calcuttans who has helped me at some point or other, that  I have the courage to venture out alone.


1 Response to "A curse, a recommendation, and a heartfelt appreciation."

I agree…it’s terrible during rains to move in or out of Sector V, Kolkata’s Silicon valley. Honda Activa and demonstration of humanity from strangers apart, your undying spirit to just go and get it, in everything you do, is awe inspiring! 🙂

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