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Hi Reader,

Welcome to my blog. This is where I will be sharing thoughts and links that I come across relating to anything under the sun, since I am a graphic designer by profession most posts would be somehow related to design field. I hope other designers would find it informative or just enjoy reading 🙂

A (long) bit about me… Around 10 years ago, while I was appearing for Final school exam, I went for a Career Counselling. At that time like all my class mates, studying Commerce the career path was pretty straight forward… do B.Com along with either Chartered Accountancy (CA) or Company Secretaryship (CS) so I had something like that also set in my mind.

The Career Counselling changed my mind and I am glad they did! They told me I had to study at least 5 hours every day to pass through the very competitive CS exam (thats what the counsellors told me), added to that the one had to be street smart and was willing to bend rules and law, the first criteria was a remote possibility as I wasn’t exactly a very studious student and as for the second one I wasn’t very comfortable with, being someone who has always tried to stay in right side of the rules and laws.

So the next option was to look at doing something creative, beside I had always enjoyed designing charts and school projects. Advertising had always appealed to me. So wanted to do something in that line, I prepared myself according. As per the counsellor’s advise I joined a basic computer design course, which thought me DTP and also along with it did a 1 year Diploma in Commercial Art. The first one (The computer course) had immensely helped me, it has form the base of the tools that I am working with, namely Adobe Photoshop and Coreldraw. Later  I self-taught myself HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash (my primarily work tool in my present company ) and a bit of 3ds Max. The second course that I did along with the Computer course — Commercial Art wasn’t much of help. Yes I did learn a few very basic design rules like Alignment, Weight and Colour… beyond which nothing else was thought, no wonder the Commercial Art section of the institute closed down after our batch!

As for my career in Advertising? well work started flowing in form of diaries, newsletters and brochures primarily from an Association, of which I am a part of now. While pursuing my graduation in B. Com, I also joined part-time as a Graphic Designer (thanks to the Morning section system of the College),   in a Cyber cafe. Doing small jobs like creating resumes, scanning personal photographs so that the surfer could send them as mails, and designing letterheads and visiting cards.

My interest in animation lead me into learning Flash, though I was initially more interested in 3D, whose courses were too expensive so dropped the idea. Since Flash was the language of the web, and at that time I had absolutely no idea about it. I decided to learn HTML first. I picked up this comprehensive book and literally read it cover to cover. I couldn’t have asked for a better start. Later on while working in eDominer Systems I picked up CSS and the practical application of it. Most of my practical experience with HTML, CSS and .NET application of the same were learned while working here. I was responsible for the design and framework overhauling of their flagship product eDominer ERP. I converted the entire application from TABLE based layout to DIV based layout. It really helped that my former boss had full confident in me to play around with the entire software.

Learning Flash was made easier by the FriendsOfEd series of book on Flash, from Foundation to Master. In between I also dabbled with a bit of Actionscript, helped immensely by Colin Moock’s Actionscript book.

My knowledge in Flash and web design later helped me to get a job with Tata Interactive Systems, an e-learning company, where after almost four years of working among most designers with either Fine Arts or Commercial Arts background and some of the best designers I have known, I decided to move on… the thirst to pursue my interest in UI app design landed me in my current company, Web Spiders.

What this journey has taught me which is what I wanted to share with you is that if you have a thirst for knowledge and if you can persevere… you don’t need to pay a huge sum to institutes to learn and later make a living as a web designer, and on the other hand… no expensive degrees / diplomas on a career in design can get you anywhere if you don’t have the hunger to excel in the field yourself.

Happy Reading everyone,



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